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Below is a sampling of the media coverage the Heart Gallery has received since its inception in 2005.

To schedule a media interview with a member of the Heart Gallery team, please email Janina Scheytt Hecht, or call her at (908) 334-2474.

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"The hope is that these photographs will inspire people to consider adoption."

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"Nearly one hundred thirty thousand children in the U.S. public welfare system are waiting to be adopted. Most are eight years old, or even older. Now though, there is a new strategy to get them a home."

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"I'm just waiting for the perfect home. I just, just keep waiting for the perfect one at the right time. Maybe when I get older, I might take a foster kid and adopt them so if I'm not going to get helped, I'm going to help someone else. So any way I win."

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"This program is 'picture perfect.' It pairs foster kids with award-winning photographers. The plan is to put the faces of foster children out there, so potential parents will notice."

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03.19.05 - "Newark art gallery opens to help children up for adoption find parents"

08.18.07 - "They flashed their smiles, and at times, showed a serious side. They’re teenagers in foster care, hoping their portrait is seen by someone who can give them a permanent home."

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"And now one group, comprised mainly of professional photographers, that group is making an impact by taking compelling photos of children hoping to be adopted. And the pictures are speaking louder than words."

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"The Heart Gallery features portraits of hope that touch the heart."

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03.20.05 - "In what has become the most ambitious Heart Gallery project yet, Hicks has recruited 150 volunteer photographers to take pictures of all 328 children who need homes."

05.24.05 - "After months of photo shoots and interviews, the Heart Gallery of New Jersey is preparing to launch its exhibit June 12 at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City. The exhibit will feature framed photographs and brief biographies of more than 300 children -- from infants up to age 18 -- in the state's foster care system."

06.13.05 - "On Saturday, an invitation-only crowd of 1,250 people that included acting Gov. Richard J. Codey weathered a thunderstorm and a 30-minute delay caused by lane shutdowns on the New Jersey Turnpike and Route 78 to attend the Heart Gallery's grand opening."

07.29.05 - "Last year, the Division of Youth and Family Services received 81 such inquiries [from families considering adoption] in the month of June. This year, it got 460 requests from June 1 through 24, and two-thirds of those were people who said they were calling because they had seen a child in the Heart Gallery."

08.28.05 - "Ten weeks after the debut of a photographic exhibit promoting adoption from New Jersey's foster care system, 75 of the state's hardest-to-place children have found prospective adoptive homes, according to state officials and the coordinator of the exhibit."

12.19.05 - "Hicks was looking for sponsors for a holiday party and she wrote the Giants asking if they would donate something to the event. Allison Stangeby, the Giants' director of community relations, wanted to do more...Stangeby called Feanny Hicks. The Giants would love to donate something to the party -- everything."

12.22.05 - "Four children already are living with families that will adopt them, while 17 other kids have been matched with adoptive parents and will move in with them by next month, Feanny Hicks said. An additional four children have potential matches, she said."

12.26.05 - "Master is trapped in New Jersey's child welfare system. The state Division of Youth and Family Services is under siege for failing to make even basic changes to protect the 11,500 children in its care. At any given time, some 2,000 of these children are available for adoption."

06.28.06 - "Master Moore doesn't believe in fairy tale endings...[b]ut last week, sitting with his new parents in their cozy home in Newark -- a home with family photographs on every table and every wall -- Master said he figures he has finally come as close to happily-ever-after as it gets."

07.27.07 - "For 16-year-old Ollie, the past is a blur. Since becoming a ward of the state 12 years ago, he's moved from foster home to foster home, family to family, group home to group home. Because of his age, his chances for adoption are, statistically speaking, grim. The Heart Gallery of New Jersey and state welfare officials aim to forge a brighter future -- and new hope -- for scores of children like Ollie."

12.23.07 - "[I]n early 2005 someone asked him to participate in The Heart Gallery of New Jersey, a traveling photographic exhibit of adoptable children in the state's care. Master was told someone might see his photograph, read his story and want to adopt him.

He shrugged. 'Sure, why not?' he said."

01.14.08 - "What if you found the 100 children who've been in New Jersey's foster care system the longest, had top photographers take their portraits, and posted their pictures and stories in galleries and museums around the state?"

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"'The actual exhibit travels six months out of the year,' says Janina Hecht, of the Heart Gallery. 'We are now planning our photo shoots for the 2007 exhibit. In 2007, we will be focusing on the children who have been in the foster care system the longest and need our attention the most. Most of them are teenagers or need to be adopted with their siblings. Our goal is prevent any child from aging out of the system, and never finding a permanent family.'"

Media Fact Sheet


The Heart Gallery of New Jersey, Inc. (HGNJ) is a unique not-for-profit corporation dedicated to raising awareness about local foster children who are available for adoption. Through the volunteer efforts of some of the country's most prestigious photographers, portraits are taken that help capture the individuality and spirit of each foster child. These photographs are then shared via the web and through gallery exhibits in the hope that potential families will be moved to inquire about adoption.

  • In 2005, the Heart Gallery set the ambitious goal of taking portraits of 346 New Jersey foster children who were considered to be "hard to adopt" because of age, special needs or because they needed to be adopted with siblings. Within six months of the initial exhibit, the Heart Gallery web site received 23 million hits, garnered world wide press and generated thousands of inquiries at DYFS. To date, 97 of these children have been adopted. Another 34 children will have their adoptions finalized in the coming months and more adoptions will follow.
  • In 2007, HGNJ will help draw attention to "100 Waiting Children." These children have lived in the foster care system for the longest period of time - many for most of their lives - and are hoping to be adopted before they "age out" of foster care and are left with no support system of any kind.
  • More than 150 photographers and photo editors whose work has graced the covers and front pages of countless magazines and newspapers have donated their time and talents to the Heart Gallery. They include some of the world's finest phtotojournalists and portrait photographers, Pulitzer Prize and World Press winners, freelance and staff photographers.
  • All the children featured in the Heart Gallery participated with the permission of the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS), the state agency responsible for their care. The photographers involved follow guidelines set by DYFS and the Heart Gallery and meet with caseworkers responsible for the children chosen to be in the gallery.
  • The Heart Gallery of New Jersey, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation incorporated in New Jersey on March 4, 2005 and registered in New Jersey as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
  • The first public exhibit of the Heart Gallery portraits took place in June 2005 at the Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, N.J.

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